Church Library

There are Resources  available to all.  Resources available to members which can be borrowed from the church library include Devotional books, Some Bible Commentaries, Systematic Theology books, and books to help you apply the Scriptures to day-to-day living. For example: books applying the Bible to marriage, raising children, and everyday relationships. Biblical Counselling books that deal with a wide variety of issues that people struggle with are also available. There are also educational DVDs and Videos for children and adults. There is also a Reference Section for on-site study. This section includes: Numerous Bible Commentaries, Doctrinal and Theology and Systematic Theology books. There is also a Language Section that includes: Hebrew and Greek texts, commentaries and dictionaries.

IFCA International

The VOICE Magazine publication of IFCA International is available. Their web site is

Useful  Internet Sites

  2.  IFCA International website
  3. John MacArthur (Grace To You)
  4. - Ray Prichard


Study Resources