Sunday School

The Sunday School program is currently on hold.

Wednesday Evening Bible Study

Bible Study is from 7:00 P.M. to 8:00 P.M. and is open to anyone, including those who do not attend a church.  Each week  the study ends with a question and answer time, giving people attending the study that week to ask any questions they may have.  Questions may range from general questions about God, heaven, current issues of our day to specific Bible questions.  The study  covers either a specific book of the Bible or a topical study.  This program runs from September through June.

Men's Friday Night Prayer Fellowship

This  ministry of the church  meets every Friday night from 8:30 - 9:15 pm.  It includes a time of prayer and fellowship.

All men are welcome.

Men's Breakfast Fellowship

Our Men's Breakfast Fellowship meets monthly and includes breakfast, fellowship, and discussion on issues that men face in today's society.  All men are welcome to attend and encouraged to bring guests.  Call church for further details.

Ladies' Bible Studies

These studies are periodically scheduled and are on various books of the Bible, Biblical Topics, or how the Bible addresses issues facing women today.

Ladies' Brunch

 The Ladies' Brunch  meets bi-monthly and includes a time of  brunch and  fellowship. These brunches include discussion on issues of interest to women.  All women are welcome.  Call the church for further details.


There is discipleship for individuals and groups.  The focus is growth in knowledge and application of God's Word,

with the goal of living a more Christ-like life.

Adult Ministries