Since the Great Commission is a world-wide sharing of the gospel and making disciples, we at First Baptist of Keyport support both local and international missionary organizations and missionaries.  Please find out more about the missions we support.

Our Rich History

First Baptist Church of Keyport has a rich history having been founded in 1840.  History buffs take note that the lower level of the present church building was used by "The Raritan Guard" in training for the Civil War.  Please read about our history.


About First Baptist Church of Keyport

What We Believe

First Baptist Church of Keyport is a Bible believing church.  Please read our doctrinal statement to find out more about our faith.

Who We Are

First Baptist Church is a member of IFCA International, a fellowship of independent fundamental churches around the world. It is a Bible-Believing Church that believes Jesus Christ is the only Savior from our sins and understands God's Word to be the final authority in answering the issues we face in day-to-day living.